24/7 service

An in-house service team is on hand 24/7 to deal with all your technical and household requirements. During weekdays, our concierge Kimberley will welcome your guests as they arrive at reception.

Private parking facility

The partially covered environmentally-aware parking facility offers almost 800 parking bays, solving your inner city parking problems.

Sustainability comes first

The Thornico Building has the largest green facade in Europe. Climbing plants cover a total of 5000 m2 of the garage facade, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and filter particulate matter.

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Rooftop bee colonies

Year-round, three bee colonies live on the green roof of the Thornico Building. And each year, they provide delicious honey and mead. View the bees on the webcam 24/7 on this website!

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How much space do you need?

The Thornico Building gives you unprecedented flexibility and options. With workspace ranging from 30m2 to 3500m2 of continuous space and everything in between, your business will be right at home here. How much space do you need?

The Thornico Building is part of the family owned conglomerate THORNICO Group in Denmark. To learn more about THORNICO, watch Thornico the Movie.

Welcome in Thornico Building!

The Thornico Building is a multifunctional building located in the vibrant heart of Rotterdam, and houses over thirty large and small businesses. The iconic ‘seventies’ building recently underwent a radical contemporary makeover, and now boasts the latest amenities. Thornico has also invested significant resources in making the building sustainable. The Thornico Building has a private parking facility that features the largest green wall in Europe, and two lush rooftop gardens that are home to three bee colonies which provide us with mouth-watering honey and mead every year.

The state of the art facilities, 24/7 service, central location and affordable prizes are reasons to believe Thornico Building is an attractive location for big and small companies. Check the current availability on this website or make an appointment for a location visit now!

Every year Thornico Building organizes an event evolving around inspiration, creativity and sustainability. Check this website frequently for updates about the next edition.